Who We Are

I am a private collector of game used equipment and sports cards. I believe game used equipment is like art and captures a moment in time and can later be displayed on the wall.

Our Values

  • Integrity, Without Integrity, a business can not survive.  Reputation is everything and I strive to do what’s “fair” in any dealings.  Unfortunately, not all deals work out for the buyer and seller in a win/win situation.  But I do my best in determining what’s “fair”.
  • Low Cost, Items should be ‘fairly’ priced or even discounted.  Affordability is key and if you feel a price is unfair, please let me know.  I can contact the seller and negotiate.  I want the buyer and seller to be happy with the price.  I charge a low commission of 15% which keeps prices lower.  Other auction houses charge a lot more.
  • High Quality, Items posted on the website should be of high quality.  I have set a limit of $50 USD so that only higher quality items are advertised on the website.  No buyer wants to waste time looking at Dollar items, the store is meant to be higher end with quality items