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The Holy Grail of Bo Jackson! Signed Tampa Bay Buccaneers Helmet

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Hi, I acquired a Bo Jackson TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS signed helmet (certified by JSA as being signed in the presence of...)  It's part of my personal collection but I am wondering the rarity and approximate value...


Posted : 26/07/2020 10:50 am
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WOW, this is RARE!  Bo Jackson does not sign Tampa Bay Buc's items as he refused to play for them as a 1st Round, 1st Overall Pick in the 1986 NFL draft!  Apparently, the Buc's paid for a baseball trip for Bo and when Bo asked if it was alright, the Buc's said yes.  However, the trip ended up costing Bo his college baseball eligibility (thus, making his more focused towards football and the Buc's) Bo REFUSED to play for the Buc's.  He was then drafted the next year by the Los Angeles Raiders (now the Oakland Raiders) in the 7th Round (183rd Overall) and the rest is history!  Great addition to your collection... 

Posted : 26/07/2020 12:57 pm